The Kink Boy

Philip Markle
5 min readAug 22, 2017

My name is Philip.

I believe in the maxim: never date someone with your same name. It must be cursed from the outset. I’m not referring to cursed as in your future family-in-law confusing who’s who when asking for “Philip” to pass the green beans at Thanksgiving. No, it must be a law of nature that two humans of the same name shall never intertwine, lest catastrophe befall both.

In 2012 in Chicago, I dated a man named Philip. I took him to see the Glee Tour concert in Chicago. I had a friend who was in the cast so he got us free tickets and all. It was a big joke, obviously — no…

Philip Markle

Performer, storyteller, teacher - living in NYC and traveling worldwide ( Artistic Director of The Brooklyn Comedy Collective.